It is my core belief that there is beauty in everybody and every body.

Hi, I'm Michelle

and photography is my therapy

My approach is quite simple:
I photograph others the way I would like to be photographed.

Recognizing how vulnerable it is on the other side of the camera, I treat you with tenderness and the utmost of care.

I shoot from the perspective that every last ounce of you is perfectly delectable as-is. I will show you that the way the light skims across your skin is art in and of itself.

My goal with portraiture is to highlight you just the way you arE

in their own words:

“Though I’m not always sure what it means to be myself, I always feel safe exploring it with Michelle. Outside of a medical setting she is the only platonic relationship I have with a person who has seen my body truly bare. Oh how good it feels to have such a caring and talented artist document your being.”

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